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Sharepoint eventhandler itemupdating

am not able to trigger the / apply the itempermissions in the itemadded eventhandler , since i added the code in the itemupdated eventhandler method.Developing a Sharepoint application would have all the fun of a video game, if only you had infinite lives.We may never know about all of the dangers lurking out there, but today we’re going to cover at least one danger you may encounter while writing event receivers – an annoying issue with the Item Updating and Item Updated events firing twice.I should also point out that I know the difference between a metaphor and simile in case that was bothering you from the opening sentence.I've written an event receiver for that list, here's my code: Use Item Updating event and then afterproperties contains changed value and List Item contains original value of a field.Here you can find info what properties are avaialable in each events.

To String(); SPField User Value user Value = new SPField User Value(Current Web, Current List Item[SPBuilt In Field Id. This is not possible OOB, but can be done using a custom Item Updating event handler.So I'm trying to accomplish this kind of functionality on my Share Point 2010 list: I have a field of type choice in my list, which has 7 values and i want users not to be able to change the value of that field from values 2,3,4,5,6,7 to value 1.I have written an itemupdated event receiver for a SPList in my SP 2013 / VS 2013 solution [ on-premises] . Now I want to trigger this itemupdated event when the item is created in the SPList . Relative Web Url); SPList Current List = Current Web. List Id]; SPList Item Current List Item; Current List Item = Current Web.

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